Rules & Regulations

  1. The organization of the Women’s World Title Match 2015 has been allotted by the FMJD (World Draughts Federation) to the Kazakhstan Draughts Federation and will take place from April 1st till April 10th
  2. The match will take place in: Ozdorovitelnyij Kompleks Sunkar near Astana.
  3. The match will be held between 2 players: the actual World Champion Zoja Golubeva (Latvia) and the challenger Tamara Tansykkuzhina (Russia).
  4. The tournament will be supervised by the main referee – international referee Jacek Pawlicki (Poland) with assistance by FMJD referee Airat Nurgaziyev (Kazakhstan)
  5. The official rules and regulations of the FMJD will be applied.
  6. Specific rules for the match
    1. The match consists of seven micro-matches. Each micro-match is played till the first victory:
      • 1.1 1st game → standard game 1h20′ + 1′ per move
      • 1.2 if draw at 1st game → rapid game 20′ + 5” per move
      • 1.3 if draw at rapid game → blitz game 5′ + 3” per move
      • 1.4 if draw at blitz game → Lehmann-Georgiev tie break 5′ + 2” per move
    2. Instead of sanctions pointed at annex 3 p. 2.5 and only for rapid, blitz and Lehman-Georgiev tie break, the main referee has also the right to use a new sanction (after  a verbal warning). He can punish a player by giving to the opponent one extra minute.
    3. During L-G tie break the pause between each single game will be announced by main referee but it must be minimum 2 minutes. Once par each tie-break each player has a right to ask for pause minimum 5 minutes.
  7. The player who wins the largest number of standard games wins the match. In case of equality the following criteria will be applied in the following order:
    • 1 better score in rapid games
    • 2 better score in blitz games
    • 3 better score in Lehmann-Georgiev tie-breaks.
  8. The total prize fund is 15.000 euros.
    From this fund the winner gets 8.000 euros, and the looser 7.000. If results will be obtained in the regular games. Otherwise the prize fund will be divided equally.
  9. A Jury d’Appel (appeal board) has been composed by the CD of the FMJD. Chairman: Frank Teer (Netherland), members: Henri Macaux (France), Jan Zioltkowski (Germany). The protest must be accompanied with the sum of 100 euros, as a deposit from the signatory. The deposit must be handed to the main referee. If the appeal is granted, the sum shall be returned immediately. If the appeal is refused, the deposit is forfeited to the FMJD. The appeal has to be lodged by the player within 10 minutes after the main referee decision and before the next game. The decisions of the Jury d’Appel are final.
  10. In the case of lack of clarity in the FMJD regulations or in these regulations, or in unforeseen circumstances, the matter at hand will be decided by the main referee in consultation with Jury ’dAppel.